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Rugby U/19

Rubgy Zimbabwe Under 19 vs Namibia Rubgy Zimbabwe Under 19 vs Namibia Courtesy Stephen Nyamuzinga

The Rugby U/19 World Cup Qualifier.

Oxlink Capital partnered with Zimbabwe Rugby Union, POSB and Kelly's Chicken to sponsor the Young Sables for the Africa Cup

For the second match the two better teams of Africa U19 met. Just like their eldest a few weeks ago, Namibia and Zimbabwe were disputing the big final. The public was on edge, the Zimbabweans were there, some Namibian supporters had also made the trip. The match began with Zimbabwe taking all the opportunities and leaving next to no opportunity to Namibia to express itself. The blues seemed to lose hope while the spectators were starting to think that the victory was already theirs. But, the players of Henry Kemp do not wish to call it a day. Under the roaring of their coach, they picked up the pace and finally offered us a game worthy of the Namibian true colours. They scored 5 tries (Dentunger B. 13 ‘, 15 ‘; Smith W. 21 ‘; Beukes J. 69 ‘; Mcnab C. 77 ‘) as well as a penalty (Olivier H. 5 ‘) and thus caught up with the 5 tries scored earlier by Zimbabwe (Katsevere S . 19 ‘, 32 ‘, 64 ‘; Manhombo M 71 ‘, 38 ‘) and the one penalty (Gando J. 33 ‘). As they came back to the score, the siren went off in the stadium: Zimbabwe 27 – 27 Namibia. The match went into extra time with 20 more minutes to play for the already well exhausted players. The Namibian wanted this victory, they fought until the last minute with the Zimbabweans who do not wish to let this match go out of their hands. In the end, Namibia won the day thanks to an additional conversion.



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